Who I am

After many years of consultancy experience in the business world (in the domains of management and organisation), since 2009 I have dedicated myself to my passion: the human potential.

I am fascinated by the boundless potential of human beings which I see is regularly underestimated and underused by the people themselves, and by companies they work for. There is irony here because this untapped potential could be the source of the levels of performance so searched for. It is indeed only on the performance of individuals that performance of a team or organisation can be built.

I am an accredited coach (by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and I have studied and practiced numerous theories, models and tools for the development of individuals’, teams’ and organisations’ potential.

From all this, I have drawn my own synthesis about personal development, called the Spiral ABC, which underpins all my interventions.

My wish today is to share these findings, to transmit my knowledge and experience through my activities: coaching, mentoring, conferences, workshops and writing.

My favourite area is the development of human potential.

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« To free the individuals’ potential is the first step to leading teams and organisations towards sustainable success. »

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